Ted Herbert

1 July 1958 - 29 September 2008

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A Little About Ted

In August 2008 Ted was admitted to hospital for some routine exploratory surgery and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer. The cancer progressed much more quickly than anyone anticipated, and by the time the new academic year began it seemed likely that Ted might only have a few weeks to live, however just before midnight on 29th September 2008 Ted passed away.

What was clear to everyone who came in contact with Ted throughout this period was the depth of his faith, the peace which came from God, and the grace and humour which were so much part of Ted’s character.


Recent Notices

On Thursday 30th October at 2:30pm ICC will host a celebration of Ted's life at the Barony Hall (part of the University of Strathclyde)

Dr Ted Herbert's life is a cause for celebration and it is right that in a centre of learning we should celebrate this remarkable life.

Recent Messages of Condolence


I have just learned of Ted's passing and also listened to his YouTube message to his students. He was a remarkable man. Sadly, it is the second occasion where I have searched online for people from my past and learned of their death long after the event. Both being Christians. I met Ted whilst he was at Minniedale through Christine (below) who dragged me kicking and screaming to Christ Church YPF. I kept going back though. My parents were divorcing at the time and I used to walk two minutes round the corner to escape my home environment and have a coffee. It seemed there was never a time when he was too busy to not put the kettle on. He was probably studying or praying but he stopped for anybody who asked, I should think. I was just watching a repeat of The Great British Bake Off when an item on Bakewell puddings came up. It reminded me of Ted's asking if I wanted to go to Derbyshire and camp out for a night with a friend of his at a Christian gathering - if memory serves me right. I think we left on a Friday night and we drove to his parents' home where we had a late dinner. Saturday morning we drove to Birmingham to collect his friend and we arrived at the campsite in time to put up our tent before dusk. Cue baked beans etc for dinner and Sunday breakfast too I should imagine on a little stove and then an open air service and then rambling around a beautiful riverscape and rocky outcrops which was very different to all my holidays in Dorset's rolling fields. On the way back to Birmigham we stopped off at Bakewell so I could buy a genuine pudding for my mother and, as we were staying with his parents again on the Sunday night, it spent the night in their fridge. Naturally a teenager and Ted(!) are not going to remember to take it with them the next day and so I had to tell my mum that her present from Bakewell was now almost in Wales! A few days later my mother opened the door to the postman who had a rather strangely shaped and flabby package for me. We guessed at once what it was. Mrs Herbert had taken the trouble to mail it to me. It did not go into our fridge as we, as a family - for once, ate it almost immediately on arrival! This was a few weeks before Ted and Diana announced to the church that they were going out together. We could all see that they were suited to each other and, having read all these tributes, now I know how many others he affected positively and encouraged in their lives. My very best wishes and love to you, Diana, and your family.

Robin Wood 18 November, 2014

I've only just heard about Ted's death 3 years ago and am really saddened by it. I knew Ted when I was young in Christ Church YPF in Surbiton, and commuting with him to a job he helped obtain for me where he worked at Letts diaries as an accountant in London. We also rented a room/flat from him and Diana when I was first married for about a year. I have many fond memories of 'Minniedale' where many christian meetings were held and many people came to learn more about God, the house was always open. Ted had other christians to stay who also shared their faith such as Kingsley and Dave Bowker. Although a long time ago now, those days made an impact on my life and helped me find the Christian faith when my background was atheist. My heart goes out to Diana and the children.

Christine Munteanu (ne Ward) 21 October, 2011

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Joseph Eapen 10 August, 2009

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