Shay Warren

7 December 1956 - 28 December 2006

A flower may die, the sun may set.But a man like you I'll never forget. Your name is precious, it will never grow old. It's engraved in my heart in letters of gold...Missing you so much. Love always..

Marian Loughnane 24 May, 2009

Shay, miss you still and think of you often, especially today, thanks for the win over Chelsea! (Sorry Mick). Reminds me of the time you brought me to see Chelsea, though we never did get to Anfield together. When I get there, I'll look you up.

Aisling 1 February, 2009

A true gentleman. RIP

Mark Costigan 21 July, 2008

Like so many others, Shay gave me my start in aviation when he hired me as a Crew Controller in 97. He was a tremendous person and I was stunned and deeply saddened when I heard of his untimely death. My sympathy to all who loved him. Conleth (easyJet).

Conleth Curley 12 June, 2007

you build a wall around,that you try to hide behind, but the wall is not reality its only in your mind. your soul is mirriored in your eyes,express the feelings in your heart, the taughts within your doesn't matter where you aboide the same sun shines the whole world wide, that taught kept me from feeling blue to think that sun now shone for you!where ever you are now shay i will always remember you and how you always made me feel very welcome, you where one of the nicest people i had the pleasure of meeting! thank you, x

celine 16 February, 2007

More than 10 years of friendship in this life abruptly stopped, but not in my heart. I will always remember you Shay as a great friend, true aviation professional and a great bloke to be with. My thoughts goes to your family.

Bjorn Olsson, Navtech 15 February, 2007

Shay, You will be sadly missed. thanks for all the good times in fr. rip

Alan O' Neill 3 February, 2007

Shay and myself go back to mid 70's when avaition was a fun pasttime and it was so easy to get onto the ramp where-ever, for a tour or photo session. We always had a good laugh when we met (as like minded aviation enthusiasts) which over the last few years was too infrequent. Your passing came as quite a shock. You will be missed but not forgotten. May you Rest In Peace. Deepest Sympathy to all your Family.

John Colvin 26 January, 2007

Shay, Loving you is easy, Guess I've been doing that for years. Loosing you is heartbreak, That bring a million tears. Missing you is forever, That will never go away. Shay I'll love you and miss you until my dying day. We had good times together, The laughter and the fun, But the best thing we had together, was Paul - our son. Love always and forever, Marian. xxx xxx 6 for 6

Marian 21 January, 2007

Shay, Just recently I flew to Dublin and gave tinkle to Ops freq. Who answered but yourself? You obviously recognized my accent. It was nice to hear from you. That is why that the news is so much more socking. Shay, I remember the 748’s, 1-11’s and the early days in the EJT. May you Rest in Peace. My deepest sympathy to entire family and all your friends, Seky

Seky Sekovanec 17 January, 2007

Shay, so shocked and saddened at your passing. Like many others who have left messages I have worked with Ryanair since 1988 and cannot imagine you not being at the end of the phone. We usually spoke when there was a problem ... well we will contine to give you a shout when the weather is bad at Knock. I'm sure you are in the right place to help us out if you can. With deepest sympathy Pearl and all the Ryanair Staff at Knock

Pearl McIntyre 16 January, 2007

Shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Shay.I joined Ryanair in 1987 around the same time as Shay, based in Luton and then Stansted.Working in Ground Ops and being an Outstation it was always great to have the advise and invaluable help from Shay in those early hectic days. My deepest sympathies to all his Family, Kell Ryan

Kell ryan 16 January, 2007

Shay, You will be sadly missed. Rest in peace. Lorraine Boyle

LorraineBoyle 16 January, 2007

Shay, I had the pleasure and honour of working with you for a mere 2 years in Ryanair. You were a true gentleman and one of life's genuine nice guys. My sincerest sympathies to your family and loved ones. Alan

Alan 16 January, 2007

To Shays Family and Closest Friends. I am lost for words on the death of my friend Shay Warren, not that I was in his company all of the time, but the times I was with Shay in either Ireland are abroad have great memories. To realise that you can not ring Shay and have a chat or travel away knowing that his sense of humour will never travel with us again. My lasting memories of Shay on various Aviation related trips, was his ability to fall asleep as he was been driven to whatever Airfield and suddenly waking up, to give a friendly insult to everyone in the car(as if he was a Captain on a ship), with his sense of humour and within a short time nodding off again knowing that everything was going to plan. Just going through old letters and I found a letter sent to me by Shay when he was on the MV Irish Spruce in Marseilles in 1985. Written with the aid of a ruler and signed of by calling himself ‘Six’, I will treasure this for years to come. Shay, you were a great character, I will miss your company and my sincerest sympathy’s to your Family and closest friends that you have left behind. Paul

Paul Looby 15 January, 2007

I had the great honour to meet Shay in 1998 and I am very sad to hear today what happend to him. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. A good Man like Shay will allways be part of the remaining memories. He will never depart forever, he will be distant from us but present in the mind and thankfully remembered that we could share some time with him. Rest in peace.

Peter-Ch. Möhrke 15 January, 2007

I am deeply saddened to learn to day of Shays death at such a young age. Though we have not met for many years I will always remember him for his humour and compassion.

Barry O'Connor 14 January, 2007

Dear Shay, let me say thank you for the great time here on earth. I hope you are now at a very peaceful lovely place somewhere in heaven. It was a real pleasure for me personally to work with you in my early days here at Jeppesen. I did appreciate always your great communication skills and great knowledge in the aviation business. Let me express my deepest condolences to all members of your family.......

Zlatko Galic (Jeppesen) 12 January, 2007

I was much saddened to learn of Shays sudden passing. My sympathies to his family & friends. May he rest in peace. Frank

Frank Moloney 12 January, 2007

My sincere condolences to my dear nieces on the loss of your treasured brother. May he rest in peace. Aunty Chris

Christina Morrissey 12 January, 2007

I was really shocked and saddened to ear this terrible news. My sincere sympathy to the family and to Shay, rest in peace. Ex RYR Crew Member

Laurent Gryson 12 January, 2007

Shay ! Just got the information that you have made the final departure. It was a great honor knowing you and an even greater time meeting you once in a while. May your destination be as bright as your personality Looking forward to seeing you there - sooner or later Tilo

Tilo Hillmer 12 January, 2007

The three great attributes in Shay which I most admired were his calm in a crisis(invaluable in Ryanair), his breath and depth of knowledge of our business and his unfailing generosity with his time often while sharing that knowledge with novices like me. Even though he was on the opposite side from us in the Ops dept. he was unfailingly helpful to the commercial side of the business. We already miss his input into new route decisions and only hope that we wont mess it too much without his advice and help. He was a true gentleman, may he rest in peace.

michael cawley 11 January, 2007

‘A life is but a stopping place, a pause in what’s to be a resting place, along the road to sweet eternity’ Shay may the place you are in now be a happy one. From one old timer to another Aileen Healy

Aileen Healy 11 January, 2007

Please accept my sincere condolence for this great man so professional and devoted. Thanks for all your help Shay Claude from Charleroi/ Operation

Claude GRYSON 10 January, 2007

shay you were a good boss,friend,and a true gentleman,like many others you gave me my start in flight operations many years ago,thank you. good bless and rest in peace.sadly missed

Brian Barrable 10 January, 2007

Sleep well Shay.

Richard Bradshaw 10 January, 2007

May i speak for the UK airports that Shay dealt with in expressing condolences to all of Shay's family and friends. There are many stories on this website that pay testament to a great man. We in the airports perhaps never saw the many sides of Shay - the side we saw was the professional, warm and dedicated man who made sure safety was never compromised. Our thoughts are with you, from Peel Airports - (Liverpool, Doncaster Sheffield and Durham Tees Valley Airports)

Neil Pakey 10 January, 2007

I'm sorry to hear about your sad loss. Shay must have been some guy. The eulogies and various expressions of sympathy speak for themselves. Deepest sympathy from all at Craftprint. Ar dheis De go raibh a h-anam.

Larry Caulfield 9 January, 2007

Greatly shocked to hear of Shay's untimely passing. Shay will be greatly missed by all who knew him. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Shay.

Jacob Struben 8 January, 2007

I have just returned from leave over Christmas and New Year and am devastated at the news. I have only known Shay for 5 years, working with him to resolve issues with European ACCs. I know how hard he worked and the love he had for the industry - he will be sorely missed and impossible to replace. Deepest sympathy to family and friends

Paul Collins 8 January, 2007

Shay gave me my first job in Ryanair over 14 years ago. Gaining an insight into the world of Airline operations. He truly was the Master and Commander in his role. May you rest in peace Simon

Simon Ryan 8 January, 2007

It was with great shock and enormous regret that I heard of Shay's passing. I spent 12 years in Ryanair working with Shay and I had enormous repect for him. I was always impressed by his sense of calm as everything around him appeared to be falling to pieces. He remained professional, kept going and inevitably things fell back into place. Shay you will be dearly missed. I am sure that you rest in peace with the Next Generation aircraft not too far away. Brona

Brona Kernan 7 January, 2007

It was absolutely shocking to hear Shay had passed away. Having had the pleasure of working with him right from the start of being involved with Ryanair, the only thing I can say is that he will be sorely missed and I cannot imagine what the flight ops department will be like without him. Thanks for everything Shay and rest in peace.

Nico Schwab 6 January, 2007

You were a fountain of knowledge for the Ryanair staff magazine in its early days - there was no need for research, I just asked Shay! My deepest sympathy to Shay's family for their loss.

Emer Purcell 6 January, 2007

During the 18 months I spent at Ryanair, and from the times I met Shay, I always felt he was one of the last true remaining gentleman. Always honest and open, dedicated and respectful, sometimes shy. His sense of humour had me in stitches. Operationally, no better man for the job. Shay will be sorely missed by each and every person who knew him and who worked alongside him. My thoughts are with Shay's family during this sad time. God bless.

Andy Farmer 6 January, 2007

I think I speak for the whole "yield department" when I describe you,Shay, as a legend in Ryanair, that will never be replaced. God Bless

Richard Carberry 6 January, 2007

I am shocked and saddened to learn of Shay's passing. I only had the inordinate pleasure of knowing Shay for the past couple of years, but during that time i found him an invaluble source of knowledge combined with a rotten sense of humour that endeared him to all. His vitality for all things aviation, as well as life are well documented and i will miss him. Sincere condolences to his family from both myself and those at FlyBE. Rest in Peace.

Nick Rhodes 5 January, 2007

As one of the many aviation enthusiasts who had known Shay for a considerable number of years, his passing leaves a serious void in our community. This ranges from his ability to make a spontaneous witty comment for most day-to-day situations, to his generosity of spirit to share his great knowledge of all matters aviation related. Being one of those who had the great pleasure of travelling with Shay on that Alaskan trip that Michael O’Leary referred to during his eulogy (and indeed on many such aviation orientated trips over the years), his absence from any future missions will be sorely missed. He was an excellent navigator, who seemed to have a natural sense for guiding us to many obscure but interesting airfields. Of course to achieve and promote such skills he always had to be seated as the front seat passenger! It was obvious that he thrived on travel, which must go back to his early days with Irish Shipping. The stories from that period of his life are numerous and I can recall how passionately they were recounted, even at the most obscure opportunity. Behind it all, I always felt that there was a shy aspect to Shays nature and perhaps that was just another endearing aspect to this great friend who will be sadly missed. Shay was someone who I will always remember when I see a ‘missing man’ formation flypast…..may he rest in peace! "Collie" (as Shay would have called me)

Colin McKeeman 5 January, 2007

I only knew Shay for a short time a couple of years ago when I leased a couple of aircraft into Ryanair. During that time Shay was very supportive and a great guy to be around. His knowledge was encyclopedic with an enthusiasm second to none. All at Pure Aviation are saddened to hear of his passing today.

Derek Meikle 5 January, 2007

A body blow to the entire Ryanair family. A great guy, fellow man of both sea and air, and the best exemplar I've yet met of grace under pressure. God bless, Shay. Gone but never forgotten.

D. Moloney 5 January, 2007

Shay, No words can describe how much you will be missed. The smallest thing to be done was never an issue. Thanks for going easy on me on the weekly punctuality report...I got one less delay because it was Liverpool. Y.N.W.A xxxx Mags

Mags Coyle 5 January, 2007

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Shay's death, particularly as my friend, Paula, and I had tried to find him in 2005 for an event that I was organising. He would have had some stories to tell us after 25 years! I shared that Cessna ride, and remember Shay as both a serious and a very funny man. Deepest sympathy to his loved ones.

Audrey 5 January, 2007

A true friend and work collegue who gave me my break in Ops you will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Shay.

Steve Summers 5 January, 2007

I worked with Shay for ten years in FR, through some of the bad early years. Who of us who was there will ever forget ‘Black Friday’. As we waited our turn to learn our fate from Mo, I’ll never forget his wink and whisper “you’re gonna be all right”, thanks big fella. Ar dheis De go raibh d’ainm.

Tom MacLiaim 5 January, 2007

Even though I haven't met Shay in more than twenty years, I was so sad to hear this awful news, but pleased to see that he had obviously enjoyed a rich and wonderful life, full of love and fulfilment. Growing up in Coolock together, I have many good memories, particularly of a trip in a Cessna along the East coast, Shay my friend accompanying me to the Trinity Ball, and some muddy Air Show somewhere! Ciao, Shay, Rest in Peace.

Paula Norris 5 January, 2007

Paul, Marian, Adrienne, Maureen, Gerry, Cindy, Pauline, Tishy, nephews, nieces and extended family and friends - There is nothing I can say to ease the grief and sorrow you are all suffering at present. Truthfully, I doubt if you will ever fully recover from the shock of the sudden loss of Shay. I was not often in Shay's company, but often enough to recognise a gentleman and a gentle man - not often bound together. Strange to use "not often" so often in such possitive terms - but that was Shay. Few people leave a print on our hearts. The print Shay has left on all of yours will be pressing hard at present. Shed the tears it forces but smile broadly too at the joy of sharing his life. My thoughts are with you all. Marian

Marian 5 January, 2007

Shay was a rare example of the total man getting the balance of home and work right. He is a real loss to his family and the entire aviation community in Ireland. May he rest in peace.

Peter V Delany 5 January, 2007

I cannot begin to express my thanks for every ones kind words and the insight into my dads professional life. His passing has left such a void in my life that my head can still not fathom, however seeing and reading such a large amount of support is and will continue to be of some help. Every one says that we are so alike that you will never be dead, I only wish that were the case. your son, Paul.

Paul 5 January, 2007

Apart from what everybody has mentioned in their moving posts, what else can I say. I will miss him dearly. Shay hit the nail on the head with my 21st birthday present, a return trip in the jumpseat of a brand new 738 over to beavais and back.A trip i'll never forget. This and many other memories I will keep with me forever. Until we meet again - R.I.P Your nephew, Keith

Keith Nixon 4 January, 2007

I only knew Shay professionally but can tell from the many tributes that Shay the person was even more accomplished than Shay the professional. His before time departure was deserving of a very long (non-attributable) delay. I will miss Shay’s anecdotes and insights into Ryanair of which he always spoke with a sense of irreverent pride. Gone with the 'first wave' R.I.P

Terry Treanor 4 January, 2007

welost a brother`with a heart of gold how much we will miss him can never be told he shared our troubles and helped us along if we follow his footsteps we will never go wrong!

sindy 4 January, 2007

Good memories of a great guy from my aircraft spotting days in the 70's. I am very saddened by the news of his passing, and my condolences to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.

Declan Kerney 4 January, 2007

It feels so unusual to be sitting here writing this message about my uncle Shay. I had the privilage of spending the first 13 years of my life living with Shay in my Grandparents house in Coolock. He treated me like a younger brother and i felt the same way about him, we spent many a day sitting in the car at Dublin or Shannon airport, as well as visiting other Irish and English airports. I can honestly say that Shay made a special effort to involve me in his life, for that i will always be grateful. Shay had a great relationship with all of the children in the family and especially for his son Paul. I will always miss Shay for the quirky sense of humour he had with me and how he always made me smile. R.I.P

Mark Finn 4 January, 2007

Shock and Sadness are words, but truly felt on hearing of Shay`s passing. Shay a true gentleman who always had time for a Hello and a chat in the busy mayhem of a Ryanair day. A man with integrity, humanity and will be sadly missed. God Bless and RIP. My Condolences to Shays Family.

Pat Morris 4 January, 2007

I will always be impressed by Shay's knowledge and his quiet manner, a true gentleman, it was a pleasure and a privilage to know him. My heartfelt sympathies to Shay's family

Sean Butler 4 January, 2007

I had the pleasure of working with Shay in the very early days of Ryanair( in the days when we all lent a hand to wash the aircraft on Saturday mornings). He was a key part of a small team that made Ryanair possible. It is hard to believe that he has gone at such an early age. But his aviation legacy will live on. With deepest condolences to all his family. May he rest in peace.

Derek O'Brien 4 January, 2007

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with Shay last January. He gave his undivided attention, a wealth of advise and a practical approach with warm support and a friendly countenance. He is a huge loss - my thoughts are with those closest to him. May he rest in peace.

Donal Lamont 4 January, 2007

I was truly shocked at this news, In my past time at Ryanair I found Shay to be both a font of all knowledge and when all around were going 'pear shaped' he would calmly assess & come up with the fix required. A real Irish Gent!! Condolences to his family, friends & colleagues at FR

Colin Dobney 4 January, 2007

Shay was one of the first people I met after joining Ryanair from Aer Lingus in Sep 05. He was immediately extremely helpful, supportive and always available to run things by. Each morning as we discussed the previous days operation and the first wave, he always had time for the casual chat about the industry and what the other players were up to. A true aviation / operations genius, that contributed hugely to what Ryanair is today. Shay, i promise to keep a close eye on punctuality, but would appreciate any help with the first wave! Adrian

Adrian Dunne 4 January, 2007

I was deeply saddened to hear the news today and I have not seen Shay in over 20 years. This says a lot about the impression made during those years all those years ago. RIP

Paul Furey 4 January, 2007

Shay, You will be a massive loss to the gang at FR. Your door was always open, thank you for all your help. Rest in peace

Tom O'Connor 4 January, 2007

I am shocked to hear that Shay has passed away. My I express my sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at this time. Declan

Declan Moran 4 January, 2007

Marian is my great friend, a more wonderful caring person you could not meet. I knew Shay through Marian and when she spoke of him you could see the love and regard she had for him in her eyes. Their relationship spanned a very long time and as I said to Marian, love never dies. Sadly missed Shay, rest in peace. S xxx

Sandra Sludds 4 January, 2007

I met Shay through work and, whilst we were occasionally "on different sides", he was always a thoroughly professional. I enjoyed his dry humour, his thoughtfulness and his common sense approach to all matters. It lightened the tension on more than one occasion! My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at this most sad of times Bob

Robert Hilliard 4 January, 2007

Like everyone, I was totally shocked to hear that Shay has been taken from us. Having just read the many messages left on this site it tells me how many people thought so positively about Shay and what a mark he has made in this world. Always friendly, deeply knowledgable and passionate about aviation. Shay - you will be missed! Peter Watson.

Peter Watson (Jeppesen) 4 January, 2007

Shocking news.Made me question my in peace,Shay.

tom o riordan 4 January, 2007

It's terrible so young and it only happens to the good ones. May you rest in peace and we whish all the strength to the family... Daan & Jennifer

Daan & Jennifer Middelkoop 4 January, 2007

I was very sorry to hear such shocking news and wish I could have been there yesterday to express my sympathy and share in the memories. I well remember the many days I spent in Shay's office pouring over the daily movement sheets trying to figure out how we going to retrieve the latest drama. As both an Everton and Bohs fan I never quite got Shay's football instincts but apart from that he was an absolute Gentleman, was one of the cornerstones of Ryanair and will be sadly missed. God bless. Gerry

Gerry Turner 4 January, 2007

I have worked with Shay for 20 years. We had good times together especially in the early days when we were like one big family. You will be missed Shay. Rest in peace Val

Val Mc Cahey 3 January, 2007


rosaleen anderson 3 January, 2007

I honestly never thought a day with out Shay would or could ever happen. It was a complete shock from when I was told on the day up until this very present moment. In recent months I was lucky enough to work with Shay as my Ops Controller quite a few times. Even when he had his own reports to formulate and file he instead gave me his attention and his day turned from his normal 10 hour self imposed shift to an 12 hour one until we both got relieved. Coming in the weekend to do his own stuff. With an absolutely wicked sense of humour he taught me so much about the job and about himself. I envy anyone who knew and learned from Shay over the Years. I regret that all I have learned from will never match what I could have learned from him over the future years of my career. Though I feel that his only real regret in life is that he had to leave his family behind and could continuing doing what he obviously loved doing. He was loved by all of us in OPS. It is an absolute tragedy that he's gone, a man with a knowlege about every aspect of aviation so immense and profound as it was instinctive and autocratic. I'm at a loss. My deepest sympathy to his son Paul and his entire family. Conor

Conor Costello 3 January, 2007

Shay was my Cousin but i didn't know him, this was due to the age gap between us. when listening to the stories of Shay's life I felt that, there was a man who lived the dream. he is a true example that you can follow your dreams and make them a reality. I am very proud to say that I was related to such a loved man. Only the good die young! my condolences to his son Paul and to my lovely cousins Trisha,Sindy,Geraldine,Pauline and Maureen and to all who loved him, may he rest in peace. Susan Carey(nee Morrissey).

Susan Carey(nee Morrissey) 3 January, 2007

Shay was the first person I spoke to most mornings on my way into the White House. Fogged out in Beauvais or bird strike in Liverpool, nothing disturbed his calm demeanour. You could be sure Shay had looked at all the options and that his way out of the mess was the right one. In a world where everthing changed - Shay didn't and Ryanair was the better for that. He didn't ask for thanks or praise, and of course never got any, but I hope he enjoyed the satisfaction of being a vital part of one of aviation's great success stories. He was an 'anorak' without an anorak. My heartfelt condolences go to his family, friends and colleagues. He will be greatly missed. Tim

Tim Jeans 3 January, 2007

God Bless Shay You will be sadly missed. Thanks for all the help. Sylvia

Sylvia Deaton 3 January, 2007

It's very sad to discover on a website that you passed away. I remember you as a fine man, rest in peace. Sabine

Sabine Fieman 3 January, 2007

Shay, I'm so sorry I couldn't have been with you yesterday, thanks for all the help and laughs over the years, rest in peace. Paul.

Paul Gingell 3 January, 2007

What an honour and pleasure to have worked with and known you Shay, you truly were one of life's good guys. Rest in peace. Rachel

Rachel Coyle 3 January, 2007

Shay, You will be missed by all of us wherever we work. A super personality and a true gentleman colleague. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Un ultimo saluto per sempre e GRAZIE MILLE DI TUTTO Nick

Nick Papafotiu 3 January, 2007

Thanks for your company and friendship Shay, you will be missed by all.

Allan Dunne "Dunal" 3 January, 2007

I remember Shay from the early days in the EJT as he tried to keep the 748's on schedule and kept tabs on Captain Cucu and the other Romanians! May he Rest in Peace.

John Dawson 3 January, 2007

I worked in the commercial department in Ryanair for 18years where the most common phrase of all was ‘ask Shay’. The comfort of his influence was felt in every sector of the organisation. I was lucky enough to have known him for so long and had the pleasure go to a match in Anfield with him also. Rest in peace Shay.

Jim McMahon 3 January, 2007

My first handshake in the EJT was with Shay.I will always remember his good humour,his wit,his commitment and his binoculars in the Jumpseat.Go ndeanaigh Dia trocaire ar a Anam. Our deepest sympathy to all his Family and Friends everywhere.

John Roche 3 January, 2007

Shay it was a pleasure knowing you. You will be greatly missed. Thanks for the opportunities you gave me. My thoughts are with your family Leslie

Leslie Wilson 3 January, 2007

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news yesterday. I had got to know Shay through various meetings in the UK over recent years and am aware that he will be sorely missed by the aviation community. My Deepest Sympathies to Family, Friends and Colleagues at Ryanair.

Mark Deacon (Monarch Airlines) 3 January, 2007

I have known Shay since I joined Ryanair in 1999 and have always found him a pleasure to work with throughout the years. He will be greatly missed by all of us and my condolences go out to all his family and friends. A true gentlemen may he rest in peace. Vlaho

Vlaho Brbora 3 January, 2007

Shay, Such a nice fellow and collegaue. It was with great sadness to hear of Shay’s death. My thoughts are with his family and friends. May he rest in Peace. - Johan

Johan Gauermann 3 January, 2007

I've known Shay since late 1997 and have always been impressed by his friendliness, dedication and helpfulness. A sad loss to Ryanair, but even more so, to his family and friends. Condolences to all. RIP Shay.

Bill Michie 3 January, 2007

Shay, Give my regards to Bluey when you catch up with him. Heaven has called upon another aviation legend. I have only ever benefited from knowing you both personally and professionally. You will always be my mentor and close friend. Rest in Peace my friend, Robbie

Robbie Winders 3 January, 2007

Shay,Rest in Peace,a pleasure to have worked with you.

John Barnwall 2 January, 2007

I went to Shay's funeral today and there must have been 400 people there at least - a packed Church. Michael O'Leary gave a very moving tribute speech to Shay which lasted approx 10 minutes. He seemed quite emotional about it. Shay will be sorely missed.

Noel Murray 2 January, 2007

Shay, thank you for being you. Work stuff aside (for which you were always invaluable to me), you were always a perfect gent. I really enjoyed those chats,- especially hearing about all those weird and wonderful places that you travelled to. I trust you are now in the most wonderful place that you could ever have dreamt possible. Rest in peace Sandra

Sandra Dolan 2 January, 2007

Very sad news to hear about Shay, remember him from my days in Ryanair in 1987 was always a gentleman and alround good guy,RIP Shay Mark Langan

mark langan 2 January, 2007

Having worked with Shay in Ryanair It was with great sadness to hear of Shay's death. My thoughts are with his family and friends. May he rest in Peace. - Barbara

Barbara Clarke 2 January, 2007

shay you will be miss by all the lads at the back road of dublin airport rw28 club may you RIP

sean flynn 2 January, 2007

Shay, When you walk through the storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of the storm There's a golden sky And the sweet silver song of the lark Walk on, through the wind Walk on, through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart because Shay, you'll never walk alone

Fellow Liverpool supporters in RYR 2 January, 2007

I met Shay for the first time a couple of years ago after an IAA meeting in the Grand Hotel Malahide and I have to say we had a nice few pints and some great chat,you will be missed. RIP Dave

Dave Hickey 2 January, 2007

I have known Shay since I joined Ryanair in 1997, I was deeply shocked to hear of his passing. My sincere sympathies to his friends and family. He was a gentlemen, always helpful, RIP Shay Tom

Tom Flynn 2 January, 2007

I knew Shay from when I worked in FR Head Office. He was a true gentleman. My condolences to his friends and family.

Karl Rodgers 2 January, 2007

It was a great honour to have known and worked with Shay, ops will not be the same without him. Rest in peace Shay. Adrian

Adrian Caffrey 2 January, 2007

We didn´t have the chance to meet him since he was very busy most of the time and had to cancel his invitation one day before arrival. Anyway his contact to us was at any time very friendly and professionell. Thanks a lot and rest in peace Shay, we´ll miss you ! Rhein Radar UAC, Karlsruhe, Germany

Peter 2 January, 2007

Shay What a guy! I am going to miss him for sure, go well my friend. Nick

Nick deakin 2 January, 2007

A great guy who will not just be missed in Ryanair Ops, but also at Anfield. Thanks for all your help Shay. Rest well.

Johnny Heavey 2 January, 2007

Shay was a tremendous colleague who was always courteous, helpful and sincere, and never had a bad word to say about anyone. I shall personally miss him greatly. Looking at his picture above, it really seems unreal that he is no longer with us. His absence already saddens me. The funeral was both poignant and a true celebration of his life, his talents and his very positive and warm personality; the huge crowd indeed attested well both to his personal and professional popularity.

Bernard Berger 2 January, 2007

Shay, you will be truly missed. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to work with you and know you for the last 17 years. God bless and keep a watch over us all. You will always be close in our hearts and never forgotten.

Siobhan O'Neill 2 January, 2007

Shay was truly a legend and will remain so..I always loved having a chat with him about what was going on in and out of FR. There was nothing he did not know. A great colleague and a true gentleman. Take care Shay and keep on eye on us wont be the same without you.

Dave Kelly 2 January, 2007

I read with interest the posting about Shay's nicknames. Being in air traffic control you've now got me wondering what ours must have been! I and a number of my colleagues in NATS have known Shay professionally and a little socially for the past 3 or 4 years. He played hard-ball in the meeting room, but was a different person when the real Shay was allowed to come out! It's been a great privelege - you'll be missed...

Pete le Gros 2 January, 2007

We at AirData have worked with Shay for over 14 years. He was a good friend to us and he will be sadly missed.

Andy Farrar 2 January, 2007

Honoured to have worked with Shay as a colleague in Ryanair 1986-1989. Rest In Peace.

Tim Shattock 2 January, 2007

I had a number of meetings with Shay. He was a true Aviation professional, so rare these days. Always helpful and a consummate professional. I am shocked and saddened. Rest in Peace Shay.

Roger La Barrie 2 January, 2007

Shocked and saddened on my return to work this morning to hear of the loss of Shay on 28th Dec. He was a generous gentleman, with a great affection for aviation and sport. It was just over a month ago since I spent the day with Shay in Southampton at a football match, where we spent most of the game also watching rugby on the TV and chatting about Ireland playing their last ever game at Lansdowne Road, which he attended the next day. A very amusing evening was had too that day, with some excellent tales from Shay of Irish and European aviation over the years. He will be very sadly missed and my deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Damian C Ives - Thomas Cook Airlines UK 2 January, 2007

I was extremely despaired to learn that Shay has passed away. I want to express my profound sympathies and deepest condolences to his family and his co – workers. Shay was a really nice person to work with, a man of intellect and character and a true aviation professional. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Peter Grimm 2 January, 2007

Shay gave me my first job working in Ryanair as an ops assistant & we stayed friends ever since. He will be sadley missed by all. Rest In Peace..

Mark Breen 2 January, 2007

I was extremely sad to here the news - Shay was a great contributor to the discussions between UK ATC and the airlines - Shay was a gentleman and a scholar and will be sorely missed by all. Heartfelt condolences to Family, friends and colleagues from all at NATS

Mike Culver 2 January, 2007

I was very sad to hear the news, thanks for the time you took out of your job to listen to our problems. Rest in peace

Dave Morrissey 2 January, 2007

I was lucky enough to work with Shay over the last 2-3 years and have met with him on numerous occasions. I am so very sad to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. Rest in Peace Shay, it was an absolute pleasure knowing you.

Angela Dean 2 January, 2007

Shay was an outstanding individual - calm, modest and quite brilliant at what he did. He will be missed dearly by all of us in Ryanair operations. May he rest in peace.

David O'Brien 2 January, 2007

I came in to the office today to get hit with the terrible news. I work with a Company that has worked with Shay for years closely. I did not know him personally but have friends who did. My deepest sympathy to his family at this sad time.

Lorina 2 January, 2007

Although I didn't really know Shay personally, apart from the odd e-mail or telephone conversation, I highly appreciated the work he was doing within his company and the full co-operation I received from him to enhance the relationship with Eurocontrol and the European control centres. It is truly sad that he must leave us so soon.

Peter Vercauteren 2 January, 2007

Many great memories of working with Shay in the early years of Ryanair Operations. My deepest sympathy to his family on their sad loss.

Emer Dillon 2 January, 2007

Shay and I spent many hours in our youth at Dublin Airport. I was shocked at the news. May he rest in peace

John Mahon 2 January, 2007

I've known shay over 9 years since he took me on in Ops. A quiet man of immense knowledge on both ships and aircraft, he was our encyclopedia and so often my guide. Shay it wont be the same without you. Rest in peace and fly with God.

Ken O'Shea 2 January, 2007

While with Irish Shipping, on the Irish Pine, Shay was known as "Jimmy Jumbo". No explanation needed there ! His fellow crew members even had it stencilled above his cabin door. Life will be a bit duller from now on, although Him up above will have His hands full.

Joe McDermott 2 January, 2007

Always had time for a chat and sort out any problems I might have had, no matter how busy he was. A generous, kind man with an encyclopedic knowledge of aviation. We'll all miss you Shay.

Barry O' Brien 1 January, 2007

I have worked with Shay in the Ops Dept for nearly 15yrs. At a recent Ops night out he described us as the old Mammy and Daddy of Ops as we were there the longest. I will miss him terribly as a colleague and a friend who I can't imagine not being around. Ryanair Ops will never be the same again. Shay,I wish I could make you one last cup of tea!

Louise Brennan 1 January, 2007

Met Shay just twice, at Cork Airport in June 1977. I was most impressed with his detailed knowledge of aviation. He called back to see Henry Forde's private Gulfstream II and we gave him a lift from the airport that evening. Very sorry to that he passed away at a relatively young age. May he rest in peace.

Tom O'Driscoll 1 January, 2007

It was a great honour to have had a uncle like Shay. He was the reason for my support of Shelbourne as he took me to their games on a friday night. His love for football and GAA took us to so many games over the years and we got to enjoy a few pints of guiness in the Cat and Cage pub after a match. He will be sadly missed by us all. Goodbye 6. Tony(Schmuck)

Tony 1 January, 2007

Shay, "you'll never walk alone" may you rest in peace.

Niall Rafferty 1 January, 2007

It was a great pleasure to have known and worked with Shay.His knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation was an inspiration to many young aviators as they started out on their careers. I consider it an honor to have known him and worked with him through good times and bad. Rest in peace Shay, no more slot delays, tech aircraft or weather diversions

Shane Pollard 1 January, 2007

I've known Shay since he gave me a start in the ops room as a crew controller many years ago. Shay taught me all I know about the aviation world which is about 1% of his own knowledge. I will truly miss his guiding influences. Shay you will always be remembered fondly, "you will never walk alone" and your presence will always remain with all who worked closely with with you in the fight operations dept. A loss in every sense may you rest in peace

fergus lawless 1 January, 2007

I knew Shay from the nineties when i joined FR as an apprentice. He always had time to stop for a chat. A true gent. My condolences to his friends and family. A true loss to aviation.

Paul Murray 1 January, 2007

Had heard so much about Shay before meeting him. The last time was at Farranfore at one of the airshows in the early 90s. It was a highlight that I always remember meeting one of the great people of Irish aviation. May You Rest in Peace.

Tom Whelan 1 January, 2007

Martin Greene Says: January 1st, 2007 at 5:29 pm Back in 1988 Shay got me my first job in Ryanair,as an ops assistant.. I had been trying to get a job with the competition for years,to no avail.I have always remembered it was him who got me started in the Airline business…and I thank him for that..Shels and Liverpool for him, Bohs and Leeds for me.We had many great football chats over the years.Cheers Shay..

Martin Greene 1 January, 2007

Back in 1988 Shay got me my first job in Ryanair,as an ops assistant.. I had been trying to get a job with the competition for years,to no avail.I have always remembered it was him who got me started in the Airline business...and I thank him for that..Shels and Liverpool for him, Bohs and Leeds for me.We had many great football chats over the years.Cheers Shay..

Martin Greene 1 January, 2007

I subsequently have been told that it was our other uncle Mick that coined the name "6" upon Shay, after ordering Shay a "seacht suas" (7up) at the bar one night. That let to the inevitable "6".

david 1 January, 2007

I first met Shay when I flew Bac 1-11s for Ryanair and its only just a year since I last saw him a great guy my condolences to all his friends and family

Brian Keeler 1 January, 2007

God rest you Shay, twas an honour knowing you over the years. Cheers Andy

andy slattery 1 January, 2007

In 1992 Shay and myself went to Stamford bridge to watch chelsea play norwich.After about twenty minutes into the game ,Shay whips out a pair of binoculars and starts looking skywards.The football ground was in the middle of Heathrow's flight path.Then he began to name the type of aeroplane's,its destination and whether or not it was on schedule.As each new plane flew above everybody in a three yard radius,would stop watching the match and look up waiting for Shay's commentary.I was the only one watching the game. That was Shay all over,combining two hobbies together. Goodbye Six Ike

michael atkinson 1 January, 2007

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