Kyle Smith Scanlon

5 September 1971 - 3 July 2012

May he find peace


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Trish Goff 17 January, 2019

I am from GermanyI read about Kyleits very sad.I read he was a very caring man and a good fellow .He also helped other transsexual people.Its sad when someone find no help. I am also trans and I am a member of the New Apostolic Church.I pray to a loving God that he will help Kyle to find peace in a better world.

Ragnar 8 May, 2015

Hey I MISS YOU BIG TIME. I cannot believe it has been MORE then a year.

Jesse Larabee 29 May, 2014

darla sycamore 26 March, 2014

I cannot believe it has been almost a year. Your lamps are atop my piano and that leather jacket of yours will hang forever in my front closet. I miss you like it was just yesterday. Tiddly Pom, my friend, Tiddly Pom.

Janet 27 June, 2013

For many years Kyle supported our training process and built awareness in HEYY youth phone line volunteers. Having just learnt of his passing, we join others in sharing condolences and celebrating the contributions he made. He will be a missed element in our training sessions. Tanya Gerber, Interim Executive Director

Neighbourhood Centre, HEYY Youth Line 17 January, 2013

I worked with Kyle in the capacity of an educator with young students at the college level. Kyle was always there for us as he recognized the importance of lifting the veil that keeps people isolated and lonely. My heart continues to be heavy as he was an exceptional person, educator, community organizer - he truly had a heart of gold. I will miss you, my friend. Condolences to family, friends and colleagues. Valerie Packota

Valerie Packota 8 September, 2012

I have known Kyle for a long time. I have lectured with him in the past I have worked with him around the province from here in Ottawa, and in Toronto. I just found out to day from a friend Dan Irving. It was a shock. Kyle was a leader and suporter. Now that he is some where else I hope that he is still advocating on out behalf. Rest in Peace my friend. Joanne Law

Joanne Law 14 August, 2012

Although many of us did not know Kyle personally, some of us have been fortunate participants of his workshops over the years. Kyle’s diligence in planning and presenting workshops on trans issues was much appreciated as he was a remarkable and open presentor and a most thoughtful advocate. What we admired most about Kyle was his ability to shine truth gently, the thoughtful way in which he listened to colleagues and his remarkable generosity of spirit that put the community at the center. It is such a loss to lose Kyle and we can only begin to imagine the grief of the community. York Rainbow Support Networking Group

Lyn Thompson-Alcock 13 August, 2012

My deepest sympathies to Kyle’s family and friends... I had the privilege to have met Kyle through work and was inspired. Kyle was compassionate and an amazing advocate for the LGBTQ community. Toronto and our community have suffered a great loss with Kyle gone. Much love.

Chris 30 July, 2012

I loved that Kyle understood that we do not live in isolation, that when one person comes out, the whole family comes out, and that each person in that family, or circle of friends, needs to be supported. In addition to my profound admiration of Kyle's advocacy, we also shared a deep love of animals. About a year ago, I confided to Kyle that I was giving consideration to refusing upcoming cancer treatment because I didn't want to be part of a culture where it's acceptable to torture and kill other species for the sake of advancing human health. There was a long pause, and then Kyle said that to refuse treatment would dishonour the lives of those species who had suffered for medical science. It was a perspective I'd never considered. Three days after I learned of Kyle's death, my oncologist said it was time for me to start treatment. I felt Kyle's presence with me that day and was at peace when I gave my assent to treatment, which will likely begin in a few months. When the time comes for chemotherapy, I will honour those animal sacrifices in my own way. And I will always honour Kyle for his thoughtful and compassionate love for all creatures on this planet.

Joan 29 July, 2012

Kyle,you were one of the people that made the 519 so enjoyable to me. The place will be a little less bright without your smile, your laugh, and your enthusiasm.

Dann Hoxsey 27 July, 2012

Kyle, you will be missed. I hope you can now finally realize how much good you've brought to this world. You were a giver and a pioneer. I truly enjoyed working alongside you, and feel privileged to have known you as a person. May you find peace and happiness dear friend.

Chris Lau 26 July, 2012

Dear Kyle, My family is so sad. Athena is just heartbroken. So am I and the boys. So many questions left unanswered. I know you were an avid reader so, if in the afterlife you can read this, then I just want you to know we miss you tremendously and love you very much, peace brother, rene

Rene Allard 25 July, 2012

I knew you years ago, when Kelly was on the way out and Kyle was just becoming. We shared a tiny room at one of the first women's bath houses, remember? We played Scrabble and you drove me crazy because you were so slow and deliberate, but you also beat me far more often than you lost! We talked about what it was like to live with depression - and now I am still here but you lost that fight. You will be missed dear friend.

Sheila 21 July, 2012

Oh wow ... 20 years ago we wondered, and questioned, and laughed, and cried, and danced, and danced, and danced, and tried to make sense of it all. Our paths crossed, connected, then separated ... Won't forget .. Damn.

Patti 21 July, 2012

kyle you will be missed by alot of people you were always there for people supporting them and doing what you love to do best.its sad to see you go but you will be always in my heart and soul and i will always remember the good times and education that you thought me through out the year i will be strong as well with all my friends by my side as well our community will never ferget you and your love and support miss you alot rest in peace xoxoxoxoxoxo

RAINBOW samantha hunt 20 July, 2012

Though I was only briefly acquainted with Kyle, I saw an intelligent and caring young man who was doing what he enjoyed, which was helping others and serving his community to the fullest of his abilities. To Kyle, his family and loved ones I offer my deepest gratitude. No life is ever wasted where it is given to benefit others. A most dynamic, sensitive and caring man was Kyle. May God bless you Kyle in the hereafter of this life.

Patricia 20 July, 2012

Kyle my buddy i will never foregt the happy times we shared and the numerous hours fighting for rights for all in the gay community and the fun times laughing and crying of the close friends we have lost to aids or have been gay bashed and even killed because they were considred different and are judged by cruel people i will miss you & you will forever be in my heart good bye my true friend Love William "STUD BOY"

William Johnson 19 July, 2012

Kyle, we will remember your spirit, teaching and generosity. Over the years, you provided incredible learning for all of us at The Redwood. A few months ago, we called to get your support and although you were very busy, you made time to come and have a conversation. We will miss you, but will carry your leadership and commitment to social justice with us always. Rest in peace.

Anne-Marie Gardner 19 July, 2012

Dear Kyle, It was wonderful to know you and to have spent many hours engaging in interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking & often consciousness-raising conversation with you. The way you listened, gently challenged, stood your ground the way you were always interested, respectful and kind was a gift to me and countless others. I`m going to deeply miss you and our dinners together. From a distance I raise a glass, <to Kyle, a man of heart>. With love, Carole

Carole 19 July, 2012

Kyle Kyle Kyle. Boy, am I going to miss you. All the best & queerest to you before today, now, and where you're going.

Lorraine 19 July, 2012

I worked with Kyle for several years at the 519. He was so kind and generous. He had a great sense of humour. I am sad for all of us- especially trans communities and allies who have lost a passionate advocate, an animal lover and a caring person.

Rebecca Gower 19 July, 2012

Kyle's deep commitment to social justice and equity made such an impression on me when we worked together at The 519. Thank you, Kyle, for your incredible work - it will live on, and continue to touch and change the lives of so many.

Emma Lewzey 19 July, 2012

My sympathies to Kyle's friends, family, and co-workers, to the trans community and all who came in contact with him. He was obviously well-loved and will be missed by all who knew him.

Charlotte Millee 18 July, 2012

My sympathies to Kyle's friends, family, and co-workers, to the trans community and all who came in contact with him. He was obviously well-loved and will be missed by all who knew him.

Charlotte Millee 18 July, 2012

Thank you Kyle, for all you have done and all those you have served. Rest in Peace.

Bryen Daly 18 July, 2012

I will always remember Kyle and his involvement & commitment in the community. I had the pleasure to work with Kyle as a part of the Homewood Association. A very caring, devoted person. RIP Kyle. You will be missed.

Michel Beauvais 18 July, 2012

My deepest condolences to all of Kyle's friends, family and co-workers. Kyle taught us all so much about the trans community and he gave back so much. I will always appreciate your friendship and our work together to build a better, safer and more just community. Thank you, Kyle. Rest well friend, and I believe our souls will meet again one day.

Doug Kerr 18 July, 2012

my brother's blessing: may you go forth strong, set free from the bonds of despair may you go forth in comfort, peace, grace and dignity and may you come back, as your soul finds peace for the time where the wisdom you share will be heard and in a time, where the legacy you created for This time lives on Blessed Be, brother. #:-Þ

Zakaery Gudmundson 18 July, 2012

I will remember you with great fondness. Thanks for being yourself, Kyle. Rest in peace.

Sarah Withrow 17 July, 2012

I will keep fighting to make the world the kind of place it should be the kind of place that would have been kinder to you, Kyle.

Alison 17 July, 2012

I will be forever grateful for Kyle's mentorship, generosity, and wisdom over the last 5 years. I will miss our laughs, jokes, heart filled discussions and our hugs. Kyle taught me patience and compassion lessons I will always hold close. Thank you Kyle and see you later.

Reece Malone 17 July, 2012

The news of Kyle's death was a shocking one. I will never forget the support I and the staff of Women's Health in Women's Hands CHC received from Kyle. His patience, expertise and willingness to support us was admirable. The LGBT community has lost an incredible leader. RIP.

Notisha Massaquoi 17 July, 2012

Kyle, Your smile would light up our down days,, you Treated every1 EQUAL,, You will be very much missed,, Sweet Man you will never be forgotten, and such a value to so many HEARTS,, Kyle thank you for being you.. So much love for you

R.A.P 17 July, 2012

I will remember you my bud and will miss you i enjoyed the great momories we have of the days we spent talking about our futres and our wish to win the lottery and go on a cruise for 1 month ,till we meet again sometime i will miss you KYLE from William "WILD BOY DANCER"

william johnson 16 July, 2012

Kyle, Thank you for standing tall and being brave enough to walk in a world that may not always be accepting and loving. Thank you for inspiring me to be myself in this world as well despite how hard it may be. Thank you for giving so much of yourself in so many ways and helping give a voice to a community who desperatly needed it. You will be greatly missed here. Peace my friend.

Helana 16 July, 2012

I worked briefly with Kyle through AIDS 2006 in Toronto and was moved by how motivated, connected and respected he was. The local and international community is richer, safer and stronger because of Kyle. Thank you for the light.

Joe Elias 16 July, 2012

Kyle, thank you for opening my eyes to the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community through your work at the 519, specifically those in the transgendered community. I can't express the sadness I feel at hearing this tragic news. I wish more people could have had the chance to meet you and learn from you as I did, and that you could have found peace in this life. The world will not be the same without you.

Cameron Wilson 16 July, 2012

Kyle, even though I was a part of your family, I had absolutely no idea how many lives you touched, how many people you helped through their troubles, how tireless you were in your work, how involved & how loved you were outside of the family. And that saddens me. How could I not know that? Even though distance, time, etc got in the way, I am glad that we got to see you almost every Christmas at the annual Family Christmas Tree party. And just so you know, I took your advice. For every person I had to say good-bye to after the Memorial service, I made sure to tell them I loved them. And I put the rock I chose from your rock collection on my memory shelf in my living room, right along side the pictures and memories of other family members that I have lost. I hope you know that just because we didn't see each other alot didn't mean I didn't care. But most of all I hope you are now at peace.

Wendy 16 July, 2012

I only know what I read about you Kyle (I live in Turkey). But it's clear that the world has lost a beautiful soul, and the community has lost a valuable worker and leader. Rest with angels.

Deri 15 July, 2012

Thank you for all you have done for the community, We will never forget you. May your soul rest in peace.

roberto 15 July, 2012

Thank you Kyle for all your hard work for our wonderful commmunity. You were an inspoiration to so many of us. We'll miss you greatly but rest in peace.

Stephanie Williams 15 July, 2012

My sincerest regards to all with peace and love.

candace kinsman 15 July, 2012

May Kyle have found peace. And my his family find their's at this time of profound loss. Many hearts and spirits and minds are with you all.

Dagmar 15 July, 2012

Kyle. Yesterday I stood strong alongside your families. Today, lying here alone, my heart is breaking.

janet knights 15 July, 2012

Remembered with Pride.

Julia Enright 15 July, 2012

I met Kyle for the first time last summer during Pride at the 519. He extended a hand to help during the huge amounts of people crowding in line for tickets. He took the roles of both leadership and support, for someone he hardly knew. I only wish we had more time to get to know each other. When I heard of this news, my heart sank, and was struggling to find answers. His wish was for love, for everyone, and a peaceful world. Fly high with the angels, Kyle, and be free of pain. my world is a better place having met you, a person of caring, compassion, and heart. Let the legacy of Kyle live in that same manner, and make this community one of compassion and caring for each other. ~Namaste, Kyle!~

Nicole 14 July, 2012

Kyle was the first trans man I met, and one of the kindest, most generous souls I have ever met

Sam Archer 14 July, 2012

Being so far away right now I just heard the news. Kyle your contribution was great and you will be missed. My thoughts are with all my former co-workers at The 519 who I know are all struggling with this loss. Rest gently Kyle.

Robin Silverman 14 July, 2012

I never knew him directly, and have yet to visit the 519... but no doubt, if it were not from Kyle and his kin, I most likely would not have come as far to find myself within this world in Canada. My deepest condolences to his family & friends on their loss. I wish I had met him in the here and now... except perhaps next time round. SS

Stefanie Daniella (SaintSuelle) 14 July, 2012

I met Kyle soon after I first moved to Canada in 2001. I saw his gifts for dealing with people and wisdom for one so young. I saw that always ready smile. I sometimes saw sadness in those gentle eyes. We were never close friends, but I valued him highly. He was always perceptive, compassionate, kind....a good listener. We miss and love you. Our loss is deep, but you've finally found peace, my friend.

Colin Davidson 14 July, 2012

im playing a gig tomorrow ill send my set out to you rest in peace you were a sweet man and im in tears right now cause ill never get to say hello and hug you any more love forever treva

trevasophiabondarenko 14 July, 2012

this is awful i met kyle back in 1996 i remained friends with him ever since you will be missed my friend

treva sophia bondarenko 14 July, 2012

My deepest condolence to the family of Kyle .I met kyle once spok to him very brief ,but he gave my the best advise ever ,to be who i want to be ,it's all about me ,thank u kyle. God's perfect peace be with you...

belinda Antoine 13 July, 2012

I met Kyle for the first time back in 2007 or so. Kyle was the best! I miss you Kyle. I send my condolences to his friends and family. R.I.P May you find peace... Love and Respect Always, Jesse Larabee

Jesse Larabee 13 July, 2012

I was truly shocked and saddened to hear about Kyle’s passing. There are no words that can make this any easier to his family and the 519 community, but hopefully just knowing that people care will provide some comfort to his family. What a HUGE loss to our LGBT community. May your soul rest in Peace

John Nicolas 13 July, 2012

Kyle Scanlon was a leader in the Trans Pulse research project, the only large scale study of trans people in Ontario. When he sent out an e-bulletin on Trans Communities and Suicide, Kyle cautioned that the results were shocking. Close to half of the trans people surveyed had attempted suicide. Three quarters had seriously considered it. Let us honour Kyle’s legacy by continuing to educate about the impact of transphobia and continuing the fight to end it.

Phyllis Waugh 13 July, 2012

Kyle, I will always remember you with your head on my lap, watching Beauty and the Beast. We argued which one of us was the beast. It could never have been you, because you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. The world was a better place because of you.

I was the beast 13 July, 2012

Our deepest love to all Kyle's family and friends.

caroline baasch 13 July, 2012

Looking through the nice pics of Kyle, I could not help but wonder, how a man full of life, good looking and having it all could commit suicide!!! I have lived with HIV for the last 18 years, and I know that there are many "low" moments we go through. I cried so bitterly, for a man I never got to meet, just because, he could have walked through the path am walking. May God comfort his family , workmates and all those who shared his smiles, laughter and time.

Julie Marachtho 13 July, 2012

It's tough to deal with the reality of passage of a well loved 519 member ,leader and a great motivator.The gem in you lives on forever and the great works you did shall live on as well.Kyle you will greatly missed by all of us.Rest,rest and rest in peace in the bosom of of ur creator.Adieu!!!

Olajide Adesanya 13 July, 2012

i wish have met with you one on one,my greatest condolences to kyle,s family and friends.the 519 members miss you,one love.

odiase fortune 13 July, 2012

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord Almighty strengthen his family and friends to bear the irreparable loss. Amen.

Thomas Falujo 13 July, 2012

We first met singing with" Singing Out" over the years we would meet at different events, Kyle would always take a few minutes to greet, update our current lives. Such a kind and gentle soul, and kindred spirit. Recently, as we moved, we would meet on Bleecker Street as he was enroute to work, say hello and pending on our schedule have a wee chat. Kyle,you have made your mark in this community,by being you, you will be missed. May you have found peace. My sincere condolences to Kyle's family and friends.

Neil Mudde 13 July, 2012

I did not know u personally Kyle,but I know that you meant and will always mean a great deal to all of us.My greatest condolences to your family and friends. You were a great mentor to so many. You will be missed and thought of in everything activity at the 519.

mitchel miller 13 July, 2012

I don't remember the first time I met you Kyle but you have been such an integral part of my work and world for so long that it seems as if you were always there. Your passion, your drive to not let any more children or youth experience hatred, abuse and neglect because of who they fundamentally are, was courageous and far reaching. Child welfare in Canada will be forever changed because of your work. I feel the hole in the fabric of my life. With deep deep gratitude and love I say till we meet again.

Krin Zook 13 July, 2012

You will be missed, you once gave me advice that made a great diffrence in my life, you are now in HEAVEN, it was a great honour knowing you ...R.I.P

Sheldon Forbes 12 July, 2012

I met Kyle after he took over the Meal Trans program, back in early 2000. I first came to the 519 when I was transitioning from physically debilitated to disabled and trying to function. Volunteering at the program was instrumental in this. I made many friends there, friends I still have today. It was an important program and Kyle kept it going. He was always warm, generous and supportive and I loved that he took everybody's concerns/issues seriously, regardless of the situation. He made people feel special. When Jennifer died, i went down to the 519 to tell him and he ended up counselling me (as we both cried), instead. He offered a point of view that helped me to survive her death. That is what I have been remembering most. Rest in peace Kyle and re-find your wings. Love the Jen's, xox.

Jennifer Jewell & Pallister 12 July, 2012

Kyle, We were blessed with your kind, warm and loving presence. Your contributions towards making this world a better place will shine eternal. I pray you feel the love we all had for you. Always gentle and generous, my friend, I am honoured to have known you and share the times we have had together. May you be at peace.

Boyd Kodak 12 July, 2012

Kyle, We were blessed with your kind, warm and loving presence. Your contributions towards making this world a better place will shine eternal. I pray you feel the love we all had for you. Always gentle and generous, my friend, I am honoured to have known you and share the times we have had together. May you be at peace.

Boyd Kodak 12 July, 2012

I have many memories of Kyle from my time at 519 but one is my very favorite. I ran a program in the old kitchen on the second floor and every Friday we had "Heavy Metal" Fridays...the music was loud, the participants in the program brought in old and new metal music and we played it loud. On one occasion, Kyle, Howard, my assistant Mo and a former staff, Miche, ended up in the kitchen standing around the center work island singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in perfect accapella, while myself and my participants stood back with huge was so fine!!! Kyle will always be in my heart, singing.

Liz Eames 12 July, 2012

It is sad to lose good people in this world. We are sure Kyle was one of them, even we didn't know him personally. You will find a better and more peaceful place for what you did to serve LGBT communities generous soul. Our heartfelt condolences to Kyle's family and friends

Alex and Jessica 12 July, 2012

Kyle, it is so sad to lose you, especially at a time when trans folk had finally been making some progress in securing their rights. Your warm smile and twinkling eyes have been a quiet comfort to so many of us. Your tragic passing is a reminder to us all of the unseen struggles of even our dearest community leaders. May we all commit to doing more to confront these challenges, in your memory.

Douglas Elliott 12 July, 2012

God Speed Kyle! Your legacy will most certainly be an endless source of wisdom and insight. We crossed paths numerous times on committees, in forums, at community meetings. You were a leader, a quiet source of strength. I hope you find peace. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Kyle's family and close friends.

Katie Keating 12 July, 2012

I have not seen Kyle in couple of months. However my former coworker, neighbour will be missed. He was an Intelligent, sensitive, and caring man who had good sense of humour. This is a tragic loss for his familly and the LGBT community.

Stephen Knight 12 July, 2012

I will miss his shy, witty sense of humour, his seemingly endless dance energy, and his patience.

Margaret Robinson 12 July, 2012

Kyle's kind, gentle and welcoming smile will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Thanks for always making me feel like a valued part of the team. Condolences to the many who will be touched by this tragic loss.

Alex St. John 12 July, 2012

A friend and colleague who will be dearly missed. I'm devestated by this loss of leadership and in the manner it came about. If others are faced with similar circumstances, in honour of Kyle's memory, please reach out to the many services that have been created to support and care for our community. Until I see him again, I join others to celebrate his life.

Anthony Mohamed 12 July, 2012

May he know the comfort he brought, To those for whom he lobbied and fought. What darkness hath befallen where He laid upon his weapons there? May those inspired heave his protest. And let he who be battle-weary, rest.

Kyle Byron 12 July, 2012

This is a HUGE loss to our LGBT community! I served with Kyle on a number of Program Advisory Committees over the years and watched with respect and admiration how he clearly and firmly made his points. Never one to back down, he filed a successful complaint against a staff member at CAMH who had exhibited incredibly transphobic and classist remarks during a presentation that Kyle made. Ever the kind soul, when Kyle was given the option to choose the offender's 'punishment', he opted for trans-sensitivity training. Be well, my dear ... I hope you're in a peaceful place.

Marie Robertson 12 July, 2012

though i knew him briefly there was something about kyle that was kind. his approach was welcoming and warm, a certain quiet strength that ruminated out from within him.

Daneila 12 July, 2012

Kyle, in his passionate and compelling manner, changed so many lives. He had a transformative affect on all who met and worked with him. His passionate voice in the Trans and Queer communities will continue to be heard – equality and dignity for all. From all the clients, staff and volunteers at Fife House our thoughts are with Kyle’s friends, family and colleagues at this profoundly sad time. Kyle, may you find peace in your journey ahead.

Keith Hambly - Fife House 12 July, 2012

One of my best friends, and I will miss him dearly. He was funny, wise, sarcastic, compassionate, nerdy, caring and wonderful. Words cannot express how much I will miss him, and how tragic a loss this is to me.

Lenore MacAdam 12 July, 2012

You made a difference in so many lives Kyle. It's apparent by all the words here. The impact you had upon mine at BFO is immeasurable. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. May you find peace and love. My thoughts and sympathies are with your family and all those who love you.

Julie 12 July, 2012

The world is a better place because Kyle lives. may his Spitit Soar <3

Tree Walsh 12 July, 2012

The loss of a such a beloved person is felt far and wide in the LGBTQ community. Although I did not know him personally, I wish peace and comfort to all who are in mourning. A person's worth can be measured by the positive impact they have on the people and community around them. To that end, Kyle was of great worth and will be greatly missed.

Melissa 12 July, 2012

Deepest condolences to Kyle's Family and friends. I did not know Kyle, shared a few emails over the years due to his activism but I do know enough that his light, his desire to help, his drive to get things done, will be greatly missed and not easily replaced. Rest easy, Kyle.

Michelle Elyn Hogan 12 July, 2012

This is a very deep loss for the LGBT community. Kyle was a piller in the work that he was so passionate about. His gentle way of expression will never be matched. My thoughts and prayres go out to his family and many, many friends in the community. This is also a huge loss fot the 519. Be strong and keep the fire burning in Kyle's memory.. RIP

Kevin Borden 12 July, 2012

To all who loved Kyle: My heart goes out to all. I am terribly sorry to everyone for your loss and, to each individual who loved Kyle and are reeling from this unfathomable loss, for those ouf you grieving Kyle's abscence in our world. I send peace and love. The loss to the comunity speaks for itself. In a broader scope, what a lovely, patient, open minded, determined, intelligent, open hearted and fundamentally sensitive man! These attributes and many others express how I experienced Mr. Scanlon through our collaborative work together and long after, as I followed his work in recent years. Kyle infused kindless in eveything that he set his heart and mind toward, regardless of the challenges he encountered. There was only one Kyle and he will be sorry missed by the commnity, by all of you and by me. Go in peace, Kyle, rock the world from whereever you are and know that in your life and in your death, you did, have, and will continue to inspire all of us. Condolences, peace and love to all of you...the friends and the family of Kyle who are mourning at this time.

Jan Tkachuk 12 July, 2012

Dear Kyle, You taught me so much. You embodied justice, fairness, forgiveness and trust. I pray that you find the stillness in death you gave to so many in life. Sending love to all he left behind.

Eric Berndt 12 July, 2012

I miss you. I'm so proud of you and all that you did and really, in so little time. I loved you. You've been a part of my life for 20 years and you taught me so much. Thank you. My wish is that the peace you sought and could not find here, is now yours. My heart goes out to family, friends and colleagues who will miss you as I do.

Cynthia Kerr 12 July, 2012

"Kyle " brought so many gifts to our life,we will never forget him

Hosea Kenahama 12 July, 2012

Like a candle in the wind.... My partner and I weep but also know that you are now home! The struggle continues and we shall rise to every occasion! Your labour has not been lost! Chloe

Chloe 12 July, 2012

My heart is with the community affected by such an incredible loss of such an incredible individual. Thank you Kyle for fighting the fight that so many individuals have benefitted from. We will continue to fight in your honour.

Dallas 12 July, 2012

I have so much respect for the work Kyle has done for our LGBTQ communities, and have been thankful for the input he has given me when I have consulted him on trans issues and experiences. My heart is with Kyle's family and friends, his colleagues in the trenches of service, education, and health work, and all those he helped over the years, who will feel his absence. So sorry to lose you, Kyle.

Jacqui Pegg 12 July, 2012

Deeply saddened for such great loss. My condolence to all his family and friends. Kyle may your soul rest in peace.

Orchid Gowe- Hunter 12 July, 2012

May your soul rest in peace... I will be miss

beautie 12 July, 2012

Dearest Kyle I hope you have found peace. I am saddened by our loss but your work and passion makes me smile. thankyou.

rosina 12 July, 2012

Kyle, I wish we had gotten to know each other better. You are missed. A beautiful and gentle soul that left us all too soon. May he find peace now.

Barry St. Denis 12 July, 2012

Kyle was an inspiration to the Trans programs we established at the Sherbourne Health Centre. His grace, courage and commitment will not be forgotten.

Ron Rosenes 12 July, 2012

I remember going to my first LGBT meeting ever at McMaster. It was there I met Kyle then Kelly. What a kind and loving person I had the privilege of meeting that night. It is with great shock that 22 years later I must hear this news. May you rest in peace, dear friend. I am deeply sad for your family and for our community. I will remember you, as a friend who kept me alive when I accepted my sexuality. You are a warrior, truth-teller and visionary, brave, and always creating space for others.

Natasha Pierre 12 July, 2012

A kind, sensitive and lovely soul-a great loss. Peace be with him and those who love him.

Pamela Taylor 12 July, 2012

His hard work and dedication to the community will never be forgotten. R.I.P.

Stephen Hartley 12 July, 2012

Such a profound loss. Didn't know him personally but knew of his hard work and dedication to the community. RIP Kyle

James 12 July, 2012

Although I had only met you a few times, you did have an influence on me. Rest in peace.

gerald 12 July, 2012

He lived his life with courage and imparted that to the entire community - the spirit of his bravery and dedication will never be lost. Not many people can say they had ever been a hero, but that is what he will always be. Namaste <3

Heather M 12 July, 2012

Your sojourn on earth is done, your deeds and duties were well felt. It is well with your soul now Kyle. May your journey to the ancestors be a swift and sweet chariot ride. RIP my brother.

Rhoma Spoencer 12 July, 2012

I first had the pleasure of working with Kyle on the SRS case at the Human Rights Tribunal. He was a generous and kind advocate for the trans community and was one of my most pursuasive witnesses because he was so genuine and true. I cannot believe we have lost this remarkable man. I know his life will stand for the very best our community can achieve. I stand with so many who mourn the loss of Kyle and I pray wherever his path has taken him now, he has found peace, joy and love, for he deserves nothing less. Namaste Kyle.

Susan Ursel 12 July, 2012

According to my Little knowledge of Kyle, He is a man that stood for all irrespective of who you are He stands for fairness, Equality and justice for all. What a great loss to the entire Toronto community. May His gentle soul rest in perfect peace!!! my condolences to His family and friends.

Anthony 11 July, 2012

I am shocked and saddened by the loss of Kyle with whom I had the privilege of working at a committee dealing with lGBTQ newcomers. Kyle, you are missed no words can say how much! Your brilliance and amicable personality makes you so indispensable. Thinking along what Kyle worked to achieve, I only hope our politicians, policy makers and the general public will make sure that the systemic and social barriers that continue to oppress transgendered people are eradicated so that they can live with dignity and pride. Kyle your presence is so powerful even in your physical absence! May you attain the peace you searched for!

Ranjith Kulatilake 11 July, 2012

I recieved the notification today of Kyle's passing and was so saddened to hear the news. He truly seemed to be such a warm hearted individual, and each time we greeted in the community I recall thinking, "What a lovely and genuine person." He'll be missed.

David Lewis-Peart 11 July, 2012

I'm so sorry to hear about this loss, and want to extend my deepest condolences to Kyle's family and loved ones. I only met him a few times, but he seemed like such a lovely, open, generous man. His death is a great loss to Toronto, and to the LGBTQ community.

Molly 11 July, 2012

So very sorry - my heartfelt condolences - the loss of Kyle will increase commitment to our community and all in it, of every orientation, and will make all the work of everyone at The 519 more meaningful.

Ellen Michelson 11 July, 2012

I didn't know Kyle too well, but every time I interacted with him I could tell he was an extremely kind person. It's thanks to him and people like him that I am a part of the community that I love so much. His presence will be missed and my love and thoughts are with his friends and family.

Izzy 11 July, 2012

Dear gentle Kyle. What a tremendous loss to all the communities that he has touched. He will be sadly missed and mourned.

Laurie 11 July, 2012

I was very saddened to hear about Kyle even though I have never met him in my life. There is not much one can say when something like this happens...not much one can do..One can only think and imagine the pain and sorrow family, friends and community must feel. I too feel sorrow for Kyle's death. May you always be in our memories as a strong person who always looked for social justice. Love Stella

Stella 11 July, 2012

Kyle was (and will always be) and inspiration and a source of wisdom. i was lucky to have worked with him soon after i arrived in Canada.. so much to learn from and so much to admire. i will surely miss our daily morning greetings as we head to work in opposite directions of Bleeker street. My thoughts are with his loved ones and our community back home.

Suhail Abualsameed 11 July, 2012

To all his family and friends I can only send my deepest condolences at this time. I may not have known him well but as he fought for and helped the community we hold so dear let that memory live on. The memory of strength, love and compassion for one another.

Will WIlson 11 July, 2012

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